Your Bike 'n Hike stories

St George

man in costume with penny farthing bike

Andrew Ellison aka St George and his penny farthing

Andrew Ellison dressed as St George and rode a penny farthing for Bike 'n Hike. Here be dragons!

All round the deanery

two people on bikes

Greensand Community Methodists

The team cycled round the three churches in Ampthill, Clophill and Flitwick

We're motorbikin'

church with motorbike

Peter Ruffles did Bike 'n Hike by motorbike

Peter Ruffles roared round churches on a stunning scarlet motorbike visiting Gt Munden, Newgate St, Watton and more. 

Heritage celebration

a statue in a church

St Peters Berkhamsted held a Heritage Day

While visitors came to a Heritage Day at St Peters Berkhamsted, Fr Stuart visited almost the entire Deanery for Bike 'n Hike.

A warm welcome

two women and a church inside

A welcome at Hertingfordbury

These ladies at St Mary's Church, Hertingfordbury show just how to give a warm welcome - which means so much to our Bikers and Hikers.

By ancient woodlands

people look at a church tower

In the shade by St Mary's Old Linslade

All Saints Leighton Buzzard's team walked though the ancient woodlands of Rushmere - enjoying the shade while visiting churches in the local team.