Bike 'n Hike 9 September 2023

Bike 'n Hike - what a scorcher!

It's fantastic to see how people rose to the challenge for Bike 'n Hike on the hottest day of 2023. Our final fundraising total will be published very soon!

Many churches hosted special events, such as St Mary's Eaton Bray and St Peter's Berkhamsted with their Heritage Days. Others like Dunstable Priory and All Saints Hertford held coffee mornings, and many offered refreshments and a warm welcome to our Bikers and Hikers.

We hear that St George of England was spotted on his trusty penny farthing bicycle searching for dragons, while a sleek red motorbike was also zooming around the Bike and Hike trail.  People of all ages have taken part and on a hot day it was so nice to find the coolness of a lovely church with refreshments and a warm welcome. If you enjoyed Bike 'n Hike, please let us know and send us a photo.

people with bikes

Bikes old and new

When he cycled his 35 mile route around the Shefford and Stondon area, Steve wasn't expecting to bump into St George riding a penny farthing!

All ages can take part in Bike 'n Hike

All ages can take part in Bike 'n Hike

Save the date 14 September 2024

Get ready for the 2024 Bike 'n Hike. Mark the date in your diary and why not get together with a group of friends to make it a fun day and raise even more funds. Details and sponsor forms will be published soon!

Your stories

Doing it your way. Read about some great Bike 'n Hike trips here.

Teddy bear in wheelchair

Teddy bears can have great fun at the Bike 'n Hike

Wanted -Area Organisers

Area Organisers liaise with churches and chapels in their  area, that take part in Bike 'n Hike. 

AOs meet three times a year - it's not too time-consuming and is very rewarding. We need help in Rickmansworth, Hemel Hempstead. See Area Organiser or E: [email protected]


Take pictures of your part in the Bike’n Hike and send them in to us, we would love to see them. We could use them on this website or in Trust News

Send your pictures to: [email protected]

People welcoming Bikers and Hikers

Bike 'n Hike pit stop

Bishop Richard is a great supporter of Bike 'n Hike

Bishop Richard is a great supporter of Bike 'n Hike

Bike 'n Hike is linked to the nationwide Ride + Stride

Some tips for cyclists and walkers.....

Be Safe!
  • Make sure your bike is in good repair
  • Wear high visibility clothing and a safety helmet
  • Plan your route to avoid heavy traffic
  • Parents - accompany your children unless you are confident they are old enough and expeienced enough

Cyclists, obey the highway code—it is safer that way!