Bike 'n Hike 2020

Bike 'n Hike is our main annual fundraising event and we are delighted that it can still go ahead this year on Saturday 12 September despite the restrictions for Coronavirus.

BHHCT runs Bike 'n Hike on the second Saturday of September each year to raise funds which are divided equally between the Trust and participating churches. It is more important than ever this year because churches have been closed for so long and have lost income from services and their own fundraising activities.

Bike 'n Hike is key to enabling the Trust to give grants to churches and chapels, of any Christian denomination, for the upkeep of those buildings which are important to the lives of local communities. A church can use its share of Bike 'n Hike funds for any of its activities, not just building projects.

Anyone is welcome to take part in Bike 'n Hike – you don’t have to be a church goer, and we welcome bikers, hikers and those using other transport such as mobility scooter, car or horse.

Find out more from the Bike 'n Hike website

Our Bike 'n Hike address is:
Tel:01767 312966

Jenny Huskisson was part of a team from All Saints Leighton Buzzard that raised over £1,000 at Bike 'n Hike in 2019.

Have a safe Bike 'n Hike

If you are taking part, please:

  • Follow Government guidance on Covid19 which is in force on the day
  • If you go into a church, touch as little as possible
  • Take and use hand sanitiser
  • Take your own refreshments
  • Remember the Highway Code
  • Use off-road routes where possible

Churches may not be open or staffed; please sign your own sponsor form for each church visited.


For more fundraising information and a list of churches taking part click here:

You can now collect sponsorships through your own Trust web page on Just Giving.

Click here to make up your sponsorship page.

Take pictures of your part in the Bike’n Hike and send them in to us, we would love to see them. We could use them on this website or in Trust News

Send your pictures to:

The inimitable Stephen West at St Ethelreda’s church in Hatfield

Stephen West from Hitchin cycled to churches in his home town, took a train Hatfield (see above pic) for more churches and then cycled the St Albans Way, visiting churches in Sandridge, cycling on to see churches in St Albans itself as well as the cathedral.

He called his mammoth ride "a pilgrimage as well as a Bike 'n Hike event". (Pic. left, Stephen in St Albans Abbey)

Bike 'n Hike is linked to the nationwide

Some tips for cyclists and walkers.....

Be Safe!
  • Make sure your bike is in good repair
  • Wear high visibility clothing and a safety helmet
  • Plan your route to avoid heavy traffic
  • Parents - accompany your children unless you are confident they are old enough and expeienced enough

Cyclists, obey the highway code—it is safer that way!