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Our members support our work, receiving twice yearly newsletters. They also have the opportunity to visit churches with knowledgeable guides

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We make grants to churches and chapels in the two counties for urgent and essential repairs.

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2017 was a little dryer than 2016, as these bike ‘n hikers from Northchurch, Dunstable and Puttenham can testify!

Pictured at All Saints Leighton Buzzard.

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We have distributed more than £3m since the Trust was established, helping congregations and local communities struggling to repair their local church, which could be anything up to a thousand years old.

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You can contact us by e-mailing: general.enquiry@bedshertshct.org.uk .

Devil in stone at  Turvey, Beds

Updated 23 April  2018

Lead theft is a reality for so many churches. Visit Apply page for details of how we may be able to help


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This Trust was established in 1991 to raise and manage funds to help the restoration and repair of churches and chapels in the counties of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire and also part of Barnet.

Our income comes from members’ subscriptions and from  an annual “Bike ’n Hike” event on the second Saturday of September when hundreds of churches in both counties are open for visiting by sponsored riders and walkers. More details on our Bike ‘n Hike page.

The Trust also acts as a distributive agent for church grants made by the Wixamtree Trust in Bedfordshire. Read on for information on how to support the Trust or how to apply for a grant.

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